The Blessed Properties Pro-Active Home Selling Process


Before your property ever reaches the market, we will have a licensed home inspector come out and conduct a detailed home inspection and provide a detailed inspection report. This inspection will allow the following:

  • Will identify any potential problems that could cause alarm for a prospective buyer
  • Will identify any potential lender required items that will slow the sale or could potentially stop the sale
  • Will save you time and money by resolving problems with licensed contractors before the buyer discovers them through their own detailed home inspection
  • Will eliminate the possibility of a sale price re-negotiation based on issues which have not yet been remedied.
  • Will significantly reduce buyer repair request
  • Will help us set your home apart from the competition by commanding top dollar for your home by showing that is meticulously maintained by an owner who cared for and took pride of ownership.
  • By identifying and resolving problems before your property reaches the market, will ensure that your property will be able to command a top dollar offer in a short period of time. Buyers will be confident knowing that the property they are purchasing has been meticulously maintained.

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